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Monday, February 4, 2008

Picture, finally

Finally, as promised, a picture of my bike. because the width of these posts, the picture doesn't look as good when it's smaller, as I tried previously to post a picture in a post. So, instead of putting it in a post, I put it at the bottom of this page (scroll down) where it is a larger picture, so it is easier to see details of the bike.

I cleaned the bike after putting an hour on it in my dorm with the trainer, to get it picture perfect. Speaking of training, if any of you haven't tried a CTS video (Carmichael Training System) you have to get one. It is very motivating to use, which is better than just watching TV while pedaling. I got the VHS version of Chris Carmichael's Time Trial training video, and it is very good. I bought it cheap on eBay, and am using it to train for the Rutgers Season Opener Time Trial event. Anyways, enough said for tonight, I am very tired as I just got back from the weightroom, which I did the hour ride on the trainer prior to that. Let me know what you think of my new ride!

until next time...


Chris said...

New ride looks sweet. It will look even sweeter carrying you to victory this year.

Zachary Ellwood said...

haha yeah, maybe. If I lose a few pounds before the season starts at Rutgers in just about 3 weeks, I'll have a better chance to get top 9 in the time trial. 4 miles, probably with a turnaround, I'm shooting for 9:30 which will give me a good chance to place top 9 if I did my math right (compared to the results from last year's TT that was 2.8 miles).