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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back to School/First Ride

I'm back at school, about to finish my first week of classes tomorrow. Such a relief to be back and see all of my friends, including my teammates. Speaking of which.......

On Wednesday I went out for my first ride since coming back to school with two of my teammates. I was not ready for this ride... I got dropped on all the hills and mountain climbs, my left knee started to act up, and I basically just BONKED! But, I'm glad to be back and riding with my teammates again.

I know I promised a few pictures of my bike in my last post, but I just didn't have time to set up my bike and take a picture, and I've also forgotten my camera at home so when I go home this weekend I'll bring it back and take some pictures of my bike in my dorm room and then post in one of the next few posts. Keep checking back!!


Chris said...

Which university do you ride for?

Zachary Ellwood said...

DeSales University


stupid university rule, I have to keep the website within the same nature of the rest of the website but if I didn't have to I would have designed the site to look a lot better

Ron said...

Wow, I see we're all connecting. Chris manages to pop in everywhere.

Zach, the fact that you're not in great shape now might mean a good thing. Later on in the season, you might see your fitness peaking. Some people who do well and train hard right from the start can face August or September burnout, so you never know.