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Saturday, January 5, 2008

12 weeks = ENOUGH

12 weeks is enough to get you out of shape. But today, I finally had my first training ride since the crash, and I felt good on the bike. Despite knowing I've lost shape and gained weight, I was just very happy to be back on the bike. Unfortunately with the losing shape and gaining weight, my MPH average dropped to about 11-12 MPH, when I was able to do 14-18 MPH in September and October prior to the crash.

I was out for an hour and a half (1:30) earlier today, just a basic training on some old familiar roads I usually go on. Monday I hope to have a better training session, and I may give this new route I came up with a try.

Pictures of my bike will post tomorrow, be on the lookout for them!!

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Chris said...

It will come back to you in time. Keep after it.