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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

Finally, it's here! I have brought home my Trek 2100 D from the bike shop and what better timing, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

As soon as I brought it home, I put my bottle cages on, my Shimano pedals on, and put my new cleats on the shoes. Then I took it up and down the road for a quick test ride, and man, it rides really nicely! I may need to do just a bit of adjustment to the pedals (because of the new cleats) and the front derailleur that is a little choppy. I just had the bike set up on the trainer in my bedroom to do a workout while watching TV, and I can tell you that this bike is definitely a nice upgrade from my Trek 1000! Tomorrow, I go out for my first real ride since my car/bike crash 12 weeks ago today. I will update, and I will soon be putting some pictures up, hopefully in the next post or two.

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Chris said...

Happy birthday. Good luck with the new bike.