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Thursday, April 23, 2009

MIT weekend

Last two years as you may remember, the Boston weekend was usually the Boston Beanpot Classics that was hosted by 2 or 3 different Boston-area schools. Well, this year it is only MIT hosting what is now called the X-Pot.

We are staying with a host this weekend, should be nice. I hope they're hockey fans because I wanna watch the Flyers' game Saturday night after they had beaten.

Anyways, Saturday is the road race for us. 27 miles total starting at 10:35. Each loop is 9 miles, with what looks to be a big climb for about .75 mile between the 3rd and 4th mile. Never did this course, so my only plan is to just to get a good warmup in, and then fight to stay towards the front. I think it could go somewhat slow during the first lap, but then once we come around and every knows what the course is like, it'll pick up for the second and third lap.

Sunday is the Criterium. 1.1 miles per lap going for 30 minutes at about 10:40. The course looks a little difficult according to the elevation chart, but I'm going to make sure we get there early enough so I can ride the course a few time, and then get a really good warmup in just like at Philly. I'm going for a few prime points throughout the race. Then I want to finish top 15, although top 9 will guarantee at least one point. I'm going to start making something of myself for this weekend and next weekend at Penn State, the last two of my collegiate career!

Taking my laptop to the house, but not sure if they'll have wireless access. If they do, I'll post. Otherwise, wait until Sunday afternoon or night.

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