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Saturday, May 15, 2010

season opening results

Today wasn't very good for me. Lack of training these last few months did it for me, sadly.

First race was a 2K (6 laps) scratch race. I actually finished the race but got second or third to last. I kept with the main pack until a two or three laps to go and then just dropped off. I was in an 86" gear (48x15) for this one, and I felt my cadence was too high and that caused me to drop off because I just wasn't getting any faster at one point.

Second race was a 3K (9 laps) point-a-lap race. for this one, I went up to 88" (49x15), which turned out to be a bad move. After the free lap, everyone just sprinted out of the fourth turn and I tried to keep up. I was able to for about a lap or so, but then because I was pushing harder to keep my speed with them, I spent my energy quicker than I expected to. I dropped out after 2 or 3 laps when I just couldn't push anymore.

Third race was a 3K Sprint Race, with a sprint lap at 6, 3 and 0 laps to go. This one, I decided to stay in 88" thinking it'd go just a little slower. I was kinda right, kinda wrong. I kept with the field for the first two laps, then someone attacked and the field broke up. Kept with one small pack for a little, but started dropping back cause they were pushing hard. I pulled up to take a second to think about it and then considered just dropping out. At about the time I was ready to get off the track, I saw the big field in front of me by about a half a lap was slowing down so I wanted to stay in and sprint hard to catch up to them. Unfortunately at this time, the race officials thought I was done and getting ready to leave that they blew the whistle and pointed to me as to say "you're done, get off now". I was kind of disappointed then.

Overall, my performance SUCKED. I did not enjoy it today and hope I will soon find the equilibrium between work and training. I really need to get back on the bike more often and SOON! Just work is kicking my @$$!!!

That is all for tonight. Next weekend R-Phils have home games so no racing. The following weekend I think it is just back to the track. Not sure if there are any local criterium or road races, but I'll update on that soon.

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