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Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 season starts for me!

Today is the first day of Master's and Rookie's at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center (Trexlertown, PA). I'm excited, but also pretty nervous as I have not been on the bike much this last few months. Also, I've only been on the track bike once since the end of last year's track season (and that was about a month ago). So yeah, pretty nervous but I'm just going to give it all my best today. I won't be racing much this season due to my internship with the Reading Phillies. I've recently thought about just sticking with Track and not worrying about road or criterium races this season. but I'm sure I'll be motivated at some point to do some of my favorite races (i.e. Allentown Sportsfest and the Pottsville City Cycle 17).

Well, I'll post my results later today or early tomorrow.

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