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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year 2009

First off I'd like to talk about the coaching.

The plan that was written out for December was very good. The only thing that would have made it better is if I was actually out riding my bike just about every day I was prescribed to ride. Honestly, December was a busier-than-expected month for me, and I only got out at most twice a week this whole month. It was also very cold and windy in Eastern PA, and has snowed once, enough to cancel my riding for a few days.

On a brighter note for January, the start of 2010, I got a trainer, riser-block and mat for Christmas. A very nice, lightly used (on eBay) CycleOps Magnetic Trainer. I got it for a great deal (saved at least $100 from retail price of all three combined) and mainly it was because I knew it was going to be a bad winter. My prediction is correct so far. I don't know, maybe I've become a wimp when it comes to riding in the winter, because I used to never mind it. Now, I won't ride outside unless it's at least sunny outside, very little wind and 20+ degrees. I used to ride down to 10 degrees in any condition except icy roads obviously.

Now, as I've done in the past, I will reflect back to 2009 and my resolutions from last New Year's Day.

1) Top 9 at Rutger's Season Opener Time Trial for the ECCC collegiate season under the Men's D category.
Well, I did not get top 9 but I did have a decent trial.

2) Lose 10-15 lbs by mid summer
I didn't lose it by mid summer, but I did lose 12 lbs somewhere around August and September. Now I just have to concentrate on keeping it off this winter unlike last winter.

3) Start track racing and upgrade to category 4 by end of the season
I did start track racing and enjoyed it very much. However, I am not Cat 4 yet.

4) Place top 15 in all USCF races over the summer
Haha yeah, my motivation to RIDE the bike last summer was very little. I need to ride more. No I did not place top 15 in any races except 4th in a race of only 4 riders.

5) Category 4 in Road possibly?
Read #4 and you'll see this is a BIG no!

6) Upgrade bike components
Hm... the only thing I would consider an actual upgrade during the race season were the aero wheels I got for my track bike. For Christmas I did get a new Sigma computer from my older brother, pretty nice computer and now I have to choose between the Sigma and the Cateye currently installed.

7) Compete in at least 6 USCF races (Road races, crit, or TT)
Hm, most I can remember competing in are three races. No, make that four.

So those were my resolutions from last year. I did complete 2 of these and partials for some. However, I still have more work to do.

Tomorrow or Friday, I will post my 2010 resolutions. 2010 is going to be a great year for me, and not just in cycling but in my life, my officiating job, etc. I cannot wait to get 2010 started. Oh yeah, been pondering this question. Will 2010 be pronounced "two thousand ten" or "twenty-ten"? I like the second better. It's easier to say.

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