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Saturday, November 28, 2009

coaching... finally

So I did it. Today, I finally "signed" with a coach, my personal good friend and a great, professional cyclist Kim Geist (http://www.kimgeist.com/). Long time due, I was able to figure out what type of budget I should have for the next few months and decided to go with her coaching services on a consultation base. This will hopefully only be temporary, just until I start working in March at a paid internship. When I figure I can afford it, I'll go with the full-blown coaching service.

When Kim told me she was going to make a "business" out of her coaching, I knew I had to sign on with her asap. Why? While the both of us attended DeSales University and raced for the cycling team, she has done me and the rest of the team huge favors by giving us free training schedules, tips, words of wisdom, etc., and it has all helped me out big time. And yes, I did say free. Let's say Kim was just practicing for when she started doing this as pretty much a full time job after we graduated this past May.

Unfortunately, and understandably, she wasn't able to provide me or anyone else with free training schedules, but I have paid her several times over the summer to write me up 2 or 3 week plans. Each time I came out stronger than before. If she could do that to me in just a few weeks, I can only imagine what she could do for me from now until the spring when I start racing again for the 2010 Road and Track season. But, like my momma always said, don't count your chickens before they hatch.

On a last note, Kim will be using TrainingPeaks for all of my training schedule. It's an interesting web application/program, as I was just getting myself familiar with it. The free account stuff is good for me for now, but I may eventually upgrade to the Premium.

So, I'll let you know how the coaching comes through in a few weeks! Until then, enjoy your Thanksgiving Day leftovers!

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