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Saturday, December 15, 2007

D-O-N-E... Finally

The worst and best semester of my college career has ended. Worst in terms of health (bad cold, shingles, bike/car crash, sinus infection - in that order one after another), but best in that I got back on my feet regardless, dusted myself off and still finished this semester strong with my classes.

This Christmas break is going to be eventful. I'm off from school until January 14th, I have a lot of High School (JV and JH) basketball games to officiate, as well as a bunch of CYO and Biddy games. I'm also focusing on trying to buy a new bike or get a fork and wheel for my Trek 1000. I really need to get back on the bike SOOOOOON! I'm slowly getting out of shape, already have gained lbs which is visible to me... not good! I'm probably going to call the bike shop tomorrow or Monday to see if they can help me out with my bike.

In latest news... Trek is now the official bike supplier for Team Astana. Not sure if I'm happy about Trek going with a Foreign Country's team, but I know they wanted to sponsor a good team, and Team Astana, respectfully, is a good team. I'm sure Trek will be successful with being the bike supplier for Team Astana. I just hope a professional team emerges to the top in the US within the next year or two after the Discovery Channel team dropped, and Trek will become its bike supplier.

Anyways, Next time I post, hopefully I will have gotten back on the road with either a rebuilt Trek 1000 or a Trek 2100 D! Until next time.........

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