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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Almost Over, Finally

Sitting in the computer lab of DeSales University's Trexler Library, I just completed my final project for my last class of the semester tomorrow. I sit here anxiously waiting for my friend to finish his project as well, and got bored so I though I'd make a post.

Next week is Final Exams week, which I only have three of them; one on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Oh how I cannot wait until I am finished so I can focus on my winter training to get ready for the 2008 Road and Track season.

I have not bought a new bike yet, but I'm considering buying a cheap fork and wheel (both under $50 combined probably) somewhere for my Trek 1000 and use that until I do buy a new bike. This will be sufficient for my training in the mean time.

I'm about ready to leave the library now, so until next time, thanks for reading!

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