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Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Race History since March

After receiving my first road bike last Christmas I was anxious to start racing competitively, but was so clueless to training and all that my first race I was really unprepared for. It was the Rutger's Season Opener on March 3rd. First race I've ever done was the Rutgers Individual Time Trial. I remember coming 2nd to last, which I was just glad I didn't come in last. However, the Criterium later that day wasn't the same, I came in last.

The next race weekend we did was at Bucknell University, in which I came in last in the road race, and was not listed in the final results of the criterium, which I know I came in 2nd or 3rd to last.

Boston Beanpot Classic followed. The first race was the Road Race on Saturday, in which I got a flat tire halfway into the first lap. I was not able to finish, since I didn't have a spare tire in the support car. The next day (Sunday) was the Criterium, in which they would eliminate you from the race if you fell back too far. It was a fast race on a short course so you were not allowed to be lapped. I was 2nd to be eliminated.

After the Boston race we had a few weeks before the next race we wanted to do, which was the Vassar College's "Tour of the Hudson River". Before this race I did a training race in Trexlertown, in which I crashed and damage my rear wheel and had a nasty road rash on my right leg and arm. I almost didn't race at Vassar because I did not have a spare tire to use, and my leg was hurting from the crash. However, a few days prior to leaving for Vassar I decided I was going to be fine for the weekend, but still needed a wheel. My teammate, Kim, let me borrow one of her spare tires, and I got to race!

Saturday was the Team Time Trial, in which it was the first we did. Joe, Jon and I decided to band together and represent DeSales University in the TTT. We came in last, unfortunately, but it was a good learning experience. Later in the day was the road race, however I opted out of that because my leg was hurting again. The next day was the criterium which I was psyched for, since it was the last race for the season for me. I came 2nd to last in that race, due to a bad start.

Over the summer I did 3 USAC Sanctioned race and 1 non-sanctioned race. The first was the Hellertown Criterium, back in May. I had a bad start and was unprepared for it, I came in last. The Allentown Sportsfest Criterium at Irving Park, and I came second to last after making a mistake halfway in the race and fell behind. In July was the Pottsville Cycle 17 race (non-sanctioned), in which I placed 48th out of atleast 60, and came 3rd in my age group. I could've done better but my bike was in a shop for a week right before this race, so I had no time to train that week. The last race before school restarted was the Lehigh Valley Winery Criterium, which was my best race I did yet in my career. I came 21st of 28. I was really impressed with my results, knowing that I have really improved over the summer with my training.


Ron said...

you're reliving my collegiate story this year, through this post. will you be racing collegiates next season or no?

Zachary Ellwood said...

Yes, I will be racing collegiate again. Next season COULD be my last, atleast for a bit before I may go back to DeSales University for my Masters in a few years and could race again. It all depends on my last year if I need that spring semester or not to graduate. Thanks for reading!