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Friday, November 23, 2007

First Post: Introduction and Crash

First post on blogger, very excited. A quick little description about me... my name is Zachary Ellwood, I am a student at DeSales University in my second year majoring in Sport Management, after doing 3 years at Penn State Schuylkill and majoring in Information, Sciences an Technology and aquired my Associates Degree. I found my passion for the sport of cycling at DeSales University, when a group of students started the cycling club last year, and then came along the club team which we now race in collegiate races sanctioned by USA Cycling. I am coming up to the completion of my first year as a serious and competitive cyclist. I currently only do Road (road, time trial, criterium) racing, and plan to start track this coming 2008 season in the spring.

I have decided to start a new blog after ending my previous one on livejournal. This one is more directed towards my cycling life and career, but will sometimes feature stuff from my personal life.

Thanksgiving just ended 20 minutes ago at midnight. This Thanksgiving day also marked the 6th week since my accident with a car while on my bike training. Here's what happened:

On October 11, I was out for a simple training ride in the rain during my hour and a half break in between two classes. I was on Preston Lane on my way back to school, just crossing over 378 in Center Valley. I was coming up to the intersection with Old Bethlehem Pike, when this 63 year old lady in a Black Lexux SUV, coming from the post office to my right, failed to see me and pulled out into the intersection to cross over and head to the Copperhead Grille. With no time to react, I ran right into the side of her car, breaking the rear driver-side door's window and going through it, hanging halfway out the back. The lady somehow didn't know I hit her, and continued to drive with me hanging out, eventually falling out of the car about 10 feet later. Witnesses ended up having to stop her once she pulled into the parking lot, and she was so unaware of what happened. Ambulance came and took me to the Lehigh Valley Hospital, where I spent the night in their Transitional Trauma unit. All of this I have been told about by my parents, police officer and doctors/nurses.

I sustained a Stage 3 Concussion (worst stage to have before brain damage), broke my right clavicle (aka collarbone), had stitches in my left eyebrow, a chunk of skin was taken out of the right side of my forhead, lacerated my liver, had trauma to my heart, and many cuts and abrasions all over my body, particularly my right arm which sustained the worse cuts I've ever seen. I do not remember anything from right after I crossed 378 to when I finally came to in the hospital. First think I could think of to ask when I was told I was hit by a car and was in the hospital was "How's my bike?" Apparently my $700 bike was much more important than my health. Speaking of which, my Trek 1000 was damaged in the crash. I will never want to race on it again, but I think the frame is still good that I can rebuild it into a casual/commuters bike.
(Please note: some parts of this "story" may not be 100% correct since I've only been told what has happened by my parents, the police officer and the doctors and nurses, but is pretty accurate to what did happen)

I am recovering pretty well, but I haven't been on the road since the crash. I've been using the stationary bike every now and then, but it's just not the same as to riding on the road that I am often turned away by the thought of the stationary bike indoors.

I really am supposed to take it easy until the second week of January, but with the collegiate season coming up in March I want to get back on asap. With me just crossing over the 6th week mark, I've already started looking for a new bike. I stopped at Spokes Bike Shop in Hamburg, PA on Wednesday. I'm looking at a Trek 2100 D now. With '08 models coming in, this '07 Trekkie is on sale for $140 off, so it'll be a perfect time to buy it. I'm just waiting for the lady's insurance to give me money for my previous bike and save up the rest of the value for this bike. Hopefully I will have enough to pay for this bike by mid-December.

I think I've said enough for tonight. Since this is a cycling-related blog/journal, and I'm not riding right now, it could be a little bit before I post something again but this post will be active, especially during the collegiate season from March to May, and the regular USAC season from March to October.

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Ron said...

wow, this is quite a spectacular escape for you. damn, who was that lady, i mean did she have an ipod stuck in her ears? its ridiculous!