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Monday, June 27, 2011


I have decided to take a hiatus from racing this summer. While I may do one or two races on the track this summer, I just need to focus on my own health and fitness before focusing on racing and winning races.

I have been having a rough spring and summer season, with losing a job I had, and having constant back pains for the last two months now. Trying to do stretches and light workouts in my bedroom to get past the back pains but right now nothing seems to be working. It could be something more serious that I've gone to a doctor for it, but right now I don't even have health insurance to get x-rays and stuff done. So for now I'm just trying to relax, I plan on getting back on the bike lightly pretty soon, and just take nice easy rides to see if that might help my back in any ways. I know from past experiences that riding the bike have helped my back and core get stronger, healing and previous back pains I have had and preventing further back pains. So hopefully that will be my only answer I need... to ride the bike!

So, for any of you readers that are racers in the Lehigh County and Berks County area. I wish you luck to any races you have this summer. You won't see much of me around.

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