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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Announcing New Sponsor

About Tooks Hats: (taken directly from their website)
Tooks were born in the spirit of winter sports but can be used for just about any activity. Whether you're out walking, jogging, biking, snow riding, or just hanging around the house, Tooks make the perfect companion to your MP3 or other favorite media player.

This company had offered me a sponsorship a few days ago after seeing an online profile of mine. After viewing their products and debating about it, I've finally decided to sign the contract of sponsorship earlier this afternoon.

I plan on getting making my first purchase soon. Once I get the product, I am required to make a product review (as a term of the contract) so I will let you readers know what I think of the product!

I particularly became interested in their Sportec Skully, which will fit easily under the helmet and keep the sweat from my face and the sun from giving me helmet tan-lines (as I like to call it). And, with the removable headphones, I can use the Skully during races where I wouldn't be allowed to listen to music.

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