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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Confirmed, Welcome Back Lance

It has been confirmed that Lance will be making his comeback, and has been quoted to saying that he would like to try and win his eighth Tour de France title in 2009. I am so excited!

News report on comcast.net here:


Anyone else getting excited?!


Brittney Janette Kolb said...

I think it will be cool. I duno if he will win the next tour though.. Contador can climb better than him.. it just all depends on how the tour is next year I guess.

chr15 tree said...

So many people are knocking him for coming back. Even Greg Lemond wanted 15 minutes MORE of fame...

Go Lance that is all i have to add, if he thinks he has it, let him go for it. If he hasn't let him be gracious enough to be "le Domestique". Cycling will be better for it, I am sure!

All i ask is that he shows Contador a thing or two! :)